Walking in my dad’s footsteps

DSCN4672DSCN4651DSCN4686Satirical cartoons on the wall.A gorgeous bronze replica of a pit pony pulling a cartload of coal.ADOREI PORQUE ME FEZ LEMBRAR A CICACE NATAL DE MEU PAI E SUAS HISTÓRIAS.


Since my recent visit to the coalmine in Pleasley where my dad worked as an electrician for about ten years in the 1950’s, he has been constantly in my mind. As a small child, I never realised or gave much thought as to where he went to work or what his job entailed.


I only knew that sometimes he wasn’t there when I woke up in the morning, and at other times, we had to be quiet because he’d been on ‘night shift’ and was having a few hours’ sleep in the daytime, before going to tend to the allotment which was his pride and joy. I was aware that he brought home a pay packet every Friday, which mom used to manage, to make sure that all the bills got paid, and there was usually a bit left over for the holiday fund and our ‘Saturday Sixpence’ pocket money…

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