Musings on SPECTRE

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I don’t see the point in reviewing SPECTRE, there are probably thousands of reviews online already, but I couldn’t let a new Bond film pass without talking about it.  So don’t expect my random musings to be totally coherent but do expect it to CONTAIN PLOT SPOILERS.spectre poster

Firstly a little background; SPECTRE has been a part of Bond movies from day one, The eponymous Dr. No in the first film from 1962 was a member.  The following year they were responsible for the plot in From Russia, with Love replacing SMERSH from the novel.  But they didn’t appear in Ian Fleming’s novels/short stories until the eight book, Thunderball (1961).  SPECTRE was always intended as an antagonist for the movies, Thunderball started out as a film script by Fleming that he hoped to get Alfred Hitchcock to direct.  When thinks didn’t pan out Fleming adapted Thunderball into a novel and…

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