Bevan’s “modest revival”

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Architecture Here and There

0116IL_ST_ARC_03-WEB.jpg New campus building at Burntwood School, in London. (AHMM)

Last week, in “Zaha Hadid gets RIBA medal,” I wrote that Hadid complained about “a tilt toward tradition in London architecture that only she is able to perceive.” I was wrong. The British critic Robert Bevan sees it, too: a trend toward the traditional in recent and proposed building design in London.

Don’t be fooled.

Bevan, writing in Intelligent Life magazine, perceives a “Modest Revival” of something or other, which he identifies as a retreat from starchitecture’s infatuation with the “mania for instant icons” that began with Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Bilbao in the 1990s. The evidence he perceives is pictured above, one of six “neo-Brutalist” buildings, for the campus of a school in London, that won the latest Stirling Prize. Bevan also sees that trend playing out in last year’s Carbuncle Prize being awarded to the Walkie-Talkie…

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