Over St. Petersburg by copter


Architecture Here and There

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This astonishing video, posted on Kuriositas, of Russia’s capital under the czars was taken from a helicopter, not a drone. (Possibly hard to get a drone permit under Czar Putin.) A production of Timelab, is called “If You Never Wanted to Visit St. Petersburg, You Will After Watching This.” St. Petersburg recently celebrated its 300th anniversary as a city – it is quite young. Look not just at the featured buildings but at the streetscapes in their vicinity and marvel at how intact the city has remained through all the vicissitudes of its history. Citizens recently defeated an attempt by Gazprom, Russia’s state energy monopoly, to erect a megatower there. Was it wisdom or poverty that prevented the communists from doing to their old capital what London, possibly now Paris, and so many American cities have done to erase their beauty and torpedo their livability?

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