Process: Mom’s Office (This is not an office)

lamp-lorna-alkana-wfinal-1lorna alkana art painting placeAdded more details to the window, chair, desk, and ceiling.Fixed the window size.Fixing the chair.  I still don't realize what the problem is with proportions in the window wall.  The bookcase and the desk get some attention here, too.  I started using pastels.  That's how I mapped out the chair redo, too.Fixing the windows and defining the back of the desk.Figuring out that table in the foreground, and realizing my spacing is off.  I fix that triangle at the top.  It's a prominent shape i painted over in the last go.Moving past the wall.  I did this too quickly, and didn't realize until later why the spacing is off.Featured Image -- 10700FIQUEI ENCANTADA!

Lorna Phone

For Mother’s Day, I decided to paint a portrait of my mom’s office.  She has been working on setting up a room of her own.  She used to share this office with my dad.  My dad’s organized chaos quickly took over: piles of blue folders and post-it notes, aged and aging monitors, brimming folders and suitcases, and him in his rolling chair.  My dad hasn’t used the office since his death.

lorna alkana art painting place

My dad left behind [read: created] an amazing legacy of thought provocation, compassion, research, and…documents.  He was a thorough and meticulous, literally illegible note taker.  He put all his effort into everything he did.  One of his effort’s manifestations was the contents of his office, which he stopped using, suddenly, in February, 2014.

My mom, equally meticulous and thorough, organizes differently, especially now that she wants the office to be ready in case she’s not there to use it.  This context is as…

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